Meet Kate

I am not a chef.  I can't do that really fast chop-chop-chopping of vegetables (although I am learning) and I can't make Pain au Chocolate or Baked Alaska.  I don't wear chef whites (but do have a pinny) and none of my kitchen things match, BUT I can cook.  I also LOVE hosting.  Fussing over guests and waiting on people makes me very happy indeed.


Working in several pubs & kitchens and various restaurant establishments I have picked up a lot of my cooking know-how by being just plain nosey and peering over the shoulder of many a chef.  Starting at 14, peeling 25kg of potatoes every Saturday night for £2 an hour was where I found myself learning some skills (you should see me with a peeler).  I then went on to work in a Thai restaurant, Pizza restaurant, Mexican restaurant, Cocktail bar, Fine dining restaurant, as well as nipping to France for a few months to work in a team of 5, cooking three meals a day for 300 people.


Ultimately my 6 year stay in Italy was where I learnt the most.  Eating out 3, sometimes 4 times a week in many different types of restaurants, - this was OBVIOUSLY before children-  I tasted hundreds of different flavours (including tripe, chicken feet and horse) and learned about what food went with what.   My Mamma-in-law and Nonna-in-law taught me lots of things and showed me lots of tricks and secrets, which I attempt to pass on through various workshops


So, after 5 years of wanting to do something of the foodie kind, I braved it and opened my front door to host my first ever ‘Supperclub’ in my front room.  This was a huge success and it helped me build up a steady customer base and gave me lots of opportunities to practise my cookery and build my confidence.  Then all of a sudden I outgrew my kitchen!


So on my hunt for a kitchen to rent I came across the YMCA café space which drew me in and got me thinking….


So here we now are; The Purplespoon Café, Catering & Events based inside the George Williams Centre.  It’s just such a beautiful place with a wonderful feel and I am very proud to call it mine.  I have a fantastic team of amazing people who are enabling me to realise my dream and help me achieve my goals!

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